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Body of Earth

“Body of Earth” is a motion graphic project to praise our Planet Earth. I wanted to create a graphic style that is resembling nature in an abstract fashion. My approach is inspired by the idea of oneness of all beings among micro and macro cosmos; including form and beyond. Humans are environment makers with capacity of abstract thinking and ability to work with creative forces of nature. I can describe these visual counterparts as rock solid shapes and surfaces in fluid form. Water element is mostly upfront and abstract expressions of organic forms are sensually tactile. Forms are giving birth to others, constantly evolving and growing from micro cosmos to macro cosmos on a never ending scale. Spiral of evolution constituted by epochs of self-regeneration and organisation among nature. I tried to personalise our Planet Earth as a living being by remarking with the word “body”. Expansion with sounds, colors, forms, patterns, while evolving to discover the universal creative potential.